CrossFit Makes the CPAT and York Fitness Test a Breeze

Well my wife says I should try water aerobics...
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CrossFit Makes the CPAT and York Fitness Test a Breeze

Postby lim075 » Sat Mar 15, 2014 11:35 pm

..and it can be the same for you!

Get Started with Crossbones CrossFit!

Our unique fundamentals program is ideal for any level of fitness, at any age. The initial private coaching sessions allows us to get to know you and your goals better. Moving forward, your coach will become your personal coach and will always be available to you for consults, questions, support and so on.

Step 1: Get in Touch: E-mail us your name, phone number, and a brief description of yourself and one of our coaches will contact you right away for a complimentary session. Please indicate if you would prefer daytime or evening sessions (before or after 4pm).

Step 2: Complimentary Session: Learn all about CrossFit, the sport of fitness, what it means to join a School of Fitness and go through your first workout. At the end of the session, you're going to let us know if you want to train with Crossbones or not.

Step 3: Fundamentals: Your intro coach is now your personal coach. They will bring you through 12-20 personal training sessions to learn and master the Benchmark skills. Once you graduate, that coach will forever be your personal coach. They will support you, guide you, offer tips, be your friend and call you out if you miss a few classes.

Our goal is to educate and train people for life, not for vanity. Looking good is a side effect, not the goal. The goal is to gain an understanding of how your body works, how nutrition and exercise directly effect your well-being and how to make choices to improve your life and sport.

Join Crossbones. Join a School of Fitness. Join the Family.

-lim075 (full time firefighter, army 8+ years, personal trainer 8+ years, also A-EMCA certified and first aid instructor)
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