3 Months to Whip Back Into Shape

Well my wife says I should try water aerobics...
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3 Months to Whip Back Into Shape

Postby Drabus » Wed Nov 11, 2015 3:04 pm

Hey all,

So I'm looking for a bit of advice in terms of workout plan, and goals to meet, not just for the CPAT but so that drill school doesn't kick my ass. A friend of mine who is a professional boxer is finishing drill school and said that he struggled with some aspects of the physical demand, and so I want to be in the best possible shape for when/if I get to drill school, which can be at the earliest in 3-4 months.

I'm looking to the community for help. Maybe someone has some personal training experience or a lot of gym experience that could direct me to what exercises and rotations to do, with what endgoals in mind (eg 120% of body weight or 250lb in X exercise), and I am willing to pay for individualized plan.

Background on me: ex-professional athlete, however most of the exercise was the sport, body weight exercises and lifting people, not weights, hence my lacking gym experience. Disciplined, and willing to put the effort in. Hoping to do 4-5 days a week of working out, around my current job of being a paramedic, caring for wife's needs, and going rock climbing twice a week.

What I have access to in my apartment's gym and surroundings:
-20 floors of stairs
-Dumbbells ranging up to 60 lbs
-Bench press bench, adjustable
-Stationary bike
-Medicine balls, exercise balls, mats
-One of them 20-in-one bowflex-type machines
-Beachbody Insanity

As mentioned, I have a little over 3 months until possible drill school (pending other steps of process), and I don't want it to kick my ass TOO hard. Any input would be appreciated, either as comments, PM's, or links to other threads stating where you need to be at.

Thank you!

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