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Postby 3rdGen » Thu Mar 14, 2013 12:42 pm

[quote=""braidjansen""] It also seems to me that more volunteers transitioning to part time is a good thing for the fire service and the union. Far too many municipalities use volunteer firefighters to run their fire service on the cheap. Part time firefighters (dare I say represented by a union, perhaps a separate branch of the IAFF???) are far more likely to demand and receive proper equipment and training and municipalities will quickly learn the true cost of running a fire service has little to do with pay and benefits and that full time firefighters are in reality not that expensive by comparison.[/quote]

I get both sides of the IAFF and not representing part time. contracts speak to full time employees and therefore keeping jobs full time rather than replacing 1 ft with 2 pt. better for the one.
But without union rep, the Part timers will never catch up to IAFF rates and benefits. as they approach these rates it may be realized that it is not that much cheaper.

also, although coming from a composite with very little us vs them (bc volunteers, not part timers), i do not like the concept of us vs them, but I can see how it develops.

It is important to keep the class of worker (full time or POC) in seperate unions. BCAS is messed because it runs so many PT employees with different benefits and wages that the PT's can out vote the FT's on issues and contracts. Something I fear for the RN's who just took the LPNs into their union.

The two 'locals' could be differnt unions, or not, i don't know... but they need to be seperate and work together in moving more POC into FT.
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