Snow Clearing

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Does your Community Clear Snow from Voly Firefighters Driveways (entrances)?

No, and do not need it
No, I wish they did
I Don't Know
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Postby CoryT » Wed Feb 03, 2010 5:15 pm

excellent idea if you ask me. You are providing the citizens a service free of charge, I think it would be the least they can do not to inconvenience you. In my mind plowing your driveway in is the same as plowing in the fire department. Either scenario gets the same end result, the fire department not being able to provide a service when they are called upon.

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Postby telesquirt » Wed Feb 03, 2010 5:37 pm

We do not even ask the town to clear the snow from the apron in front of the hall! I have kept all three doors clear all night long during heavy snows and then went home to do my personal shoveling. I can just imagine what council would say if we asked them to keep a municipaly owned property like the fire department clear of snow. :rolleyes:
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Clear Snow

Postby ruralchief » Wed Feb 03, 2010 5:49 pm

It would not hurt to ask. Fire fighters and EMS are deemed essential personnel. Time is essential when responding to calls. Fire apparatus and EMS vehicles cannot respond without personnel.

You do not have to have every member cleaned out, just certain ones. Your FD can set some type of criteria. An example would be those that are qualified to be apparatus/pump operators. This would encourage more members to complete apparatus/pump training. Those already qualified would be more apt to keep training, rather than have their skills become "rusty".

Showing your governing board how many dollars are saved by having volunteers vs. paid can help convince them, that the expense of snow removal is nominal.

For those members of the general public that complain, hand them an application to join the FD and/or EMS. Also explain to them the training requirements and other duties you complete for the community on your "free" time. Maybe they will realize that your snow removal is not "free".

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Postby Haweater » Fri Feb 05, 2010 1:39 pm

[quote=""irsqyu""]If you can talk them into plowing your driveway, maybe they will send the town electrician out to install a plug for a block heater and interior heater beside your driveway. That way you wouldn't have to get into a cold car and waste time scraping windows ;) [/quote]

I just about LOL'd

[quote=""TVFDFF""]We are not looking for anyone to clean the driveways, just turn or dump the blade before a ff driveway, so we don't have to face for example a foot of wet snow that has frozen. We can avoid trying to push the car through it, or have to shovel it out before getting out.

It is no extra work or cost to a town for doing this, and if it helps us get there faster to save a life or property then it would be beneficial as every second counts.

As previously mentioned, we have found other towns do this and I just wanted to see if anywhere else does this.

Thanks to those who posted and voted. Please continue to add your comments for anyone who has not.[/quote]

Okay, just to stir the pot; it does add work, cost and time. Every stop and go that a plow does burns more fuel, slows the route, and creates a hazard to have a plow stopping and backing in areas that drivers would not anticipate.
Think about the last time you were following a plow; would it or would it not confuse you to have him stop in a totally unexpected place? We expect out of the ordinary maneuvers by them at intersections, but thinking of my own driveway, it would be a hazard.
Sorry, guess living most of my life in the north has taught me that when it comes to getting around in the winter, you're the only person that can keep you from being at the mercy of mother nature. (Although, yes, I would love it if they kept from dumping a bank in my driveway.)
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Snow Clearing

Postby ARogers » Fri Aug 17, 2012 9:59 am

I am with the Volunteer Department in Deer Lake, Newfoundland. We actually have flags that we put up each fall for snow clearing purposes.
The Town employees make a quick cut into the opening of our driveways to clear the first few feet. Eliminates the wing roll which in Newfoundland, particularly our area can be 2 or 3 feet deep. Like any community you have a few people who think it's terrible that they don't do everyone's driveway, but most people think it's fine.
As for comments about owning a small car if you are on a volunteer department being a bad idea...I own a Jeep Compass and she struggles through 3 feet of wet heavy snow!

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bad weather response

Postby BillyBlazes » Mon Aug 20, 2012 3:35 pm

On a rotating schedule have a number of firefighters on standby in the station during bad weather events i.e. snowstorms, thunderstorms, high wind events etc.
This would allow an immediate response to calls to the public. Firefighters would not have to be trying to get to their stations during bad weather.
Less chance of firefighters getting hurt in their own personal vehicles or damaging them. This would lower the liability risk for the municipality with having less firefighters on the road in bad weather.

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Postby Pickupman » Mon Aug 20, 2012 11:29 pm

having guys at the hall sounds like it will cost way more money. nobody will be willing to do it for free, and in this economy council is always trying to find ways to cut the budget.

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