Public safety during evacuation of building

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Postby someday » Sun Feb 03, 2013 2:24 pm

[quote=""bigsmoke""]Your question falls under the old saying or: "some things are better left unsaid!"

The spirit in which you asked your question was not in a supportive manner. The fire service is about compassion, service, and working as a team. That means helping without judgment and backing one another up.

The chief asked a question in regards to how other services handle the situation. This forum is for that.
My response to you was also inappropriate. But too often we have members of our service losing focus on the proud profession we have and focusing on only themselves. Don;t fall into that trap. As evident by my own response, it's far easier than not.

Good luck in your endeavor if you are not already a firefighter.[/quote]

well that makes more sense then. thank you.

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