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CREST -Victoria

Postby Proudvolunteer » Sun Jan 29, 2012 3:42 am

So I was wondering if anyone on here that is a member of one of the 36 groups that utilize the CREST system in Victoria and the surrounding area can explain the main issues behind CREST. I've seen a lot of ads on buses about how well CREST is doing, and I have heard a lot of advertisements on the radio about how good of a job CREST is doing...these are coming from CREST itself I'm quite sure. So all of this advertising for a company that has nothing to gain from promoting itself because most people don't think about the radio system our emergency services use lead me to one conclusion - They're not doing very well, and that the ads are a way to try to fix their image.

I've seen the youtube video by A news about CREST vs VicPD with vicpd saying reception is a huge problem. I bet this is a real problem. But that video is a couple years old now. So I'm wondering....are there more problems then just reception with radios? I haven't really read/heard any comments from anyone other than vicpd. So just wondering if anyone can shed some light on it. Everytime I hear those ads I think about this. I just heard one earlier so I finally remembered.
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Postby someday » Sun Jan 29, 2012 5:22 pm

and i thought they made tooth paste...................

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