Probie Consulting Interview Prep Services

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Probie Consulting Interview Prep Services

Postby February » Tue Dec 06, 2022 6:22 pm

Hey yall,

Its a new year and a new round of job openings. I am looking to take on new clients who are looking for in depth interview coaching. This isnt a 4 hour one time shot, I am committed to each one of my clients with the goal of getting you on the job as soon as possible.
what we do at ProbieConsulting:
- systematic approach to each question
- step by step process to building your answer bank and assistance building the proper stories
- multiple practice sessions (in person or over phone)
- practice sessions before and after action reviews after an interview
- guidance through and training info on testing (OFAI and FSO)

Our consultants have not only completed and passed each of the steps, they are on the job Firefighters.
contact us at

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