Ronin safety and rescue

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Ronin safety and rescue

Postby mbanico » Tue Nov 04, 2014 10:44 am

Has anyone taken courses at Ronin safety and rescue in coquitlam? I'm wondering how the training is and does a certificate with their company help with your application?


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Postby ThomasDeCew » Fri Feb 20, 2015 12:08 pm

Do some research on the company.

Find out who they are,
How long have they been in business?
What certifications do their trainers have - are the trainer certs accredited through recognized standards or are they company certs given internally?
Speaking of accreditation - what standard does their training meet, is it accredited by an outside agency?
They will probably say it meets NFPA - get them to prove it, get them to send you the exact areas in the standard and reference that back to the course you are taking and each skill set to show it meets the standard. Just saying it meets it is BS...prove it meets it.
What equipment do they use - are they using old Figure 8's and Racks versus modern MPD's, Petzl ID's etc?
What are they teaching - is it lowering based only or is it rappel based or both?
Is what they are teaching used by any Depts you are applying to - do they teach any Fire Depts?
Are they insured and have adequate coverage?
Do they provide well made training materials or just shitty printed pages in a binder? Why does this matter....because if they cant even provide good materials...whats the training like and also....the materials are a valued resource that in your career, you will look back on....if the training is any good that is.
What is their Student to Trainer ratio?
Ask for copies of their Fall Protection and Rescue plans used in training - if they dont use them in training then what does that tell you about how they see your safety?
Ask to see a copy of the last Risk Assessment they used at a previous training location - if they don't have one, then again....this should ring bells on the fact they do not take your safety seriously.

Thats my 2 cents worth, I'm sick of the BS that many of these companies get away with, they take your money, give you a few days playing on rope and then print out a piece of paper for you to put in your Resume....

People that take training need to start looking further than just a two day course to pump up the resume, you take training to advance your skill sets, cheap, unorganized training that has no structure run by trainers who just happen to be available on the day the boss calls is not going to advance your skill training like that is only going to fill your resume.

Good luck, let us know how it goes...

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Postby FireKev84 » Mon Apr 06, 2015 10:57 pm

I completely agree. I would not take any rescue course unless it is IFSAC and or ProBoard Approved with a Certificate from the OFM.

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