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Dedicated to those men and women that have made the ultimate sacrifice. It is here that we remember their dedication and selfless actions in the saving of others.
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Régis Tremblay

Postby wilderness » Mon Jul 18, 2016 4:42 pm

[align=center:2jsip9q8]Lets Be damned Sure[/size:2jsip9q8][/align:2jsip9q8]
[align=center:2jsip9q8]That No Man's Ghost[/size:2jsip9q8][/align:2jsip9q8]
[align=center:2jsip9q8]Will Ever Say[/size:2jsip9q8][/align:2jsip9q8]
[align=center:2jsip9q8][color=red:2jsip9q8]"If Your Training Program[/color:2jsip9q8][/size:2jsip9q8][/align:2jsip9q8]
[align=center:2jsip9q8][color=red:2jsip9q8]Had Only Done It's Job"[/color:2jsip9q8][/size:2jsip9q8][/align:2jsip9q8]

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