Entrapment & Escape Training Structure (Part I)

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Entrapment & Escape Training Structure (Part I)

Postby DangerMan » Mon Feb 10, 2014 12:35 pm

Hello all,

I thought I'd post this training idea I had last summer (2013) while I was working in the shop of a distributor of plumbing and electrical supplies. Pallets were plentiful and it got me thinking of a way to use the abundant material I had handy. So with the help of our Chief, I loaded a truck full and headed to our station.

Pallets come in different materials and grades. You'll note the colored ones make the base foundation for the floor - those are the heavy-duty ones and weight a ton each... Then I assembled lighter-duty ones vertically to make the walls. The thing with pallets is that they're made of hardwood, not softwood (the traditional North American construction material of choice), so hammering and screwing is a bit more challenging .... Once I got the different heights evened out with (I used a jigsaw, a circular saw and a manual saw...), I stabilized the whole with a 2x4 on top. You'll note the safety tape that I left around every time I left the site, as our station is located within a residential area and this was done so to keep kids out........
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Postby Jake381 » Sat Mar 15, 2014 12:04 am

I like the idea, Thank you for sharing.

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