Your input please, how much smoke do you suck?

If unbearable smoke is 10 & no smoke is 0. How many times have you been exposed?

No votes
More than 5 times
More than 20 times
More than 50 times
Total votes: 6

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Your input please, how much smoke do you suck?

Postby UniqueFireSafety » Mon Mar 14, 2016 4:07 pm

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering how much smoke Canadian wildfire fighters are exposed to on a regular basis?
In speaking with provincial wildfire branches they tell me that they keep their crews far from smoke and they get little exposure.

I know they do what they can to minimize exposure, but no one can control when the wind shifts.

I was at a conference last year where I met a dozen Wildland FF's they all told me of coughing up black crap, headaches and what sounded like the effects of CO and Acrolein.

Can you tell me what your experience is with smoke in Canadian wildfire operations?

If you could also please complete this poll, I would greatly appreciate it.

So here are the question

If unbearable smoke is rated a 10 and no smoke is 0
How many times have you been exposed to more than a 3, for more than 5 minutes in your career?

1 Never
2 Once
3 More than 5 times
4 More than 20 times
5 More than 50 times

Thank you, I appreciate your knowledge and co-operation
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