Augusta may not keep 24 hours a day ambulance service

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Augusta may not keep 24 hours a day ambulance service

Postby five_alarm » Wed Apr 12, 2006 11:22 am

MAYNARD, ON - The reeve of Augusta Township says there could come a day when some residents of Leeds and Grenville are not protected by ambulance service 24 hours a day.Reeve John McCrea made the comments at Monday night's township council meeting as he was talking about the recent counties' budget report that called for a 12.3 per cent increase in local spending on land ambulance service in Leeds and Grenville.

The local share of $3.6 million would be covered by the counties and separate municipalities of Brockville, Prescott and Gananoque. The double-digit increase comes despite an extra $410,723 the province is kicking in for land ambulance this year.

Higher salaries are driving much of the increase."I believe that we are going to have to look in the future at reducing (ambulance) service," said McCrea, who as reeve sits as a member of counties council.


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