Whirly bird added to the Hinton EMS arsenal

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Whirly bird added to the Hinton EMS arsenal

Postby five_alarm » Tue May 02, 2006 11:23 am

HINTON, AB - Hinton’s ambulance service now has a new tool at its disposal when it needs to extract patients from remote locations. Hinton EMS and its oilfield affiliate Alert Response, now have access to a helicopter, which has been modified to fit a stretcher.

Dr. Brad Armstrong, who has practiced medicine in town for more than 21 years, is the manager of Peregrine Helicopters. “It’s nice for us to add something to the community,” he said. The $30,000 modification was made to the helicopter as a public service more than anything. “We’re glad and happy to offer something,” Armstrong said. “Especially with all the oil and gas in the area.”

The service would be used at the discretion of emergency medical personnel for accessing remote regions around Hinton. Oil and gas workers, as well as recreational outdoor enthusiasts are the most likely to benefit from the new service.

Source: hintonparklander.com

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