PCP moving to Ontario HELP

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PCP moving to Ontario HELP

Postby natashab » Wed Jan 15, 2020 5:31 pm


I'm moving to Ontario from NS. I've been working as a PCP for years and have looked into how to switch my license over. So i know how to get my AEMCA certification but what im confused on is I have noticed a lot of hires have two different hiring streams.

1. Paramedics currently certified by an Ontario Base Hospital
2. Paramedics NOT currently certified by an Ontari Base Hospital/ AEMCA Pending

When i get all my stuff completed with AEMCA am I certified with a base hospital then? And then could go through the first stream?


Wondering what its like when you first get hired in Ontario...Do you work casual? Do you make your own schedule? Whats the pay like?

Thank you :)

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