Centennial College Paramedic Program

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Centennial College Paramedic Program

Postby Astrid911 » Sun Feb 21, 2016 7:01 pm

Hello everyone,
I have some questions for graduates, or anyone who is in the Paramedic program at Centennial College:

What were your grades for the prerequisites that you got into the program with? Were they C, M, or U courses?

How were your grades like while you were in the program?
How did other students seem to do?

Which courses did you find the most challenging? How so, specifically?

Which courses were the least challenging?

Overall, if you did really well in high school, would you still have a really hard time with the academics of the program? Is most of the material reminiscent of grade 12 LEVEL math/science/English or is the difficulty way beyond?

What were the fitness benchmarks/requirements? Do they help you much with training for those?

Sorry if I'm asking a lot of questions. I just got an offer for Fall 2016 and am looking to gain some insight about the program from anyone who has personal experience. I am also waiting on Humber and Durham for their decisions even though I am mostly leaning towards Centennial as my first choice. Anything you can offer about any of these schools will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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