Firefighters notch victory in pension plan battle

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Firefighters notch victory in pension plan battle

Postby web-chief » Thu Mar 17, 2016 9:06 am

MONTREAL, PE - Montreal’s firefighter’s union is declaring its first victory in its legal battle against municipal pension plan reforms after a Quebec Superior Court judge ruled its members were within their rights to apply for last-minute retirements.

The case focused on 35 firefighters who announced they would take their retirements on June 12, 2014, the day the provincial government tabled Bill 3, its effort to rein in ballooning municipal pension plan costs by forcing union members to pay equally into pension plans and shoulder an equal burden of plan deficits. Told by their union that the changes could cost them tens of thousands of dollars, 80 members of the firefighters union had already taken its advice to retire.
Source: Montreal Gazette (click for full story)

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