DND Hiring Process

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DND Hiring Process

Postby FF95 » Fri Nov 08, 2013 3:02 pm

Hey all,

Wondering if anyone can confirm the hiring process for the DND. About 4 yrs ago I applied to Borden and the first step was an aptitude test that seemed like it was for any candidate applying to a job with the DND. If you were successful you then were invited to a physical.

Earlier this year I re applied to the DND but out west to Shilo and Wainwright. The first step after they review each candidate was a physical and I don't even think there was an apptitude test.

My question is, do they change the process for each location or is it standard process across the country? Would they have candidates at one location do an apptitude test but not at another?

If anyone can provide some insight that would be great!

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Postby 8888 » Wed Nov 13, 2013 9:01 pm

I'm not sure if all DND have the same process but the Borden process sounds the same as Esquimalt.

So perhaps it will be the same process for wainwright and shilo?
I wouldn't see a reason why it would change, but who knows?
part of the outline says - "test(s) my be administered"
Maybe they chose not to this time around?

I know there were couple of guys doing the CPAT when the posting for Esquimalt went up.
Not sure if they will ask for a CPAT or if the DND have their own physical.
Since there were people doing the CPAT must mean that they will ask for a CPAT (since most of the guys at the cpat had the inside info)

If you have a valid CPAT then that's one step done.
and no aptitude is pretty odd, but another step to worry less about.

The DND hires are rare and I don't know many people who went through the process.
I suspect the CF FF get first crack at those postings?

I know my post may not be as helpful , I'm also pretty curious about the process.
So hopefully the Info posted does help out in some way.

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Physical testing

Postby FF95 » Wed Nov 13, 2013 10:24 pm

Thanks 8888 for the info you shared.

When I inquired about the physical testing for the wainwright and shilo competition I was informed that they would not accept the cpat or york fitness testing as a valid or equivilent fitness evaulation.

We had to complete the Canadian fire marshal fIrefighter pre-entry fitness evaulation. Similar to the cpat but you wear full ppe including scba (without mask and not on air) and it doesn't appear to have concurrent stations and there appears to be a resting period of 3 minutes between each event. You also have to comete vo2 max testing, again in full ppe but at a walking pace oppose to running.

You were allowed to complete the cffm testing at any DND fire dept across the country but it did cost $250.

I'm not sure about cf Members beig given preferential treatment either. I did note that they said an apptitude test "may be" administered and that's why I'm curious.

If anyone knows of any additional information I would really appreciate it being shared.

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Postby Strauss » Thu Dec 05, 2013 11:56 am

I believe the physical is different depending on the DND base. CPAT is acceptable for esquimalt, but for wainwright it isn't. I haven't heard yet about Pet or Borden.

Not knowing their preferential treatment, but I can see CF FF having a great advantage in the hiring since DND and CF all go to the Canadian Forces Fire Academy for their training. So hiring CF FF, they know the training they've received.

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