CF firefighter to SAR

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CF firefighter to SAR

Postby npalmer95 » Tue Apr 01, 2014 8:52 pm

Hey everyone I thank anyone who responds to this post. I am a young 18 year old who has been an aspiring firefighter for quite sometime. I am currently in a carpentry apprenticeship to build my resume, also I am attending TEEX in September 2014. I am now interested in joining the Canadian forces in the firefighter trade after my pre service at teex. if I join the forces I plan on applying for SAR tech after my three year contract. Is this possible to become a SAR tech from firefighter and not going on a naval tour prior to becoming a SAR tech.

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Postby ndvfd_ff33 » Tue Apr 01, 2014 10:19 pm

I'm pretty sure all new firefighters are on restricted contracts. Part of that includes a no OT restriction although I'm not sure if that's only after QL5. Someone feel free to correct me on that. You could end up waiting an awfully long time before being able to apply for SAR.

If I'm not mistaken you also need a minimum of four years prior to applying for an OT.

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Postby 8888 » Wed Apr 09, 2014 3:01 am

Hey npalmer95,

I think a lot of guys on here will take a massive dump on you for wanting to remuster/transfer into SAR tech from fire fighting. A lot of people get into the fire trade for the certs then piss off, thus screwing those who want to get on for the long run.

SAR Tech is very very very physically and mentally challenging.
It's not for everyone. Most guys that to remuster/transfer into the trade have a lot of experience and tours under their belts (usually infantry guys or artillery ).
The trade is closed off to the general public.
I heard that SAR techs are trained to the paramedic level which is cool.
It's a demanding trade and it's not easy to get into because you have to be in Olympic shape and be mentally strong.
I don't think it would be easy to remuster/transfer from fire to SAR tech.
I recommend you check out the info posted on forum (beware of the massive trolling)
And the forces website for some background on what the job entails.

If SAR tech is you thing you gave to pay your dues.

Hope that helps


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